Friday, October 1, 2010

Wine & Roses Fall Wedding (Tiff & Jeff got Hitched)

I was starting to get afraid Tiffany was going to hyperventilate checking the blog every five minutes for her preview and pass out and I knew that I had to do something so she didn't injure herself. I know that Jeff wouldn't notice if she fainted and hit her head because he is extremely busy taking care of his delicate little princess dew drop Aggie.

I don't want to be responsible for Tiffany getting a concussion for hitting her head on the floor while trying to look at my blog because Jeff was busy curling Aggie's tail and putting her ears up in swarovski barrettes, so I got this freaking preview up, YES! I! DID!

*I* am a saver of lives!




Hee hee hee hee hee....

At my own house, "Half of my Heart" plays on repeat and sleep seems to have become a forgotten friend. I really need to get away for a little bit. I'm going to run away from home tomorrow. I want to find some empty place in the middle of nowhere where I don't jump at every sound and think every man in the grocery store is about to attack me. Where I won't cry when I find an empty aisle. Where I won't be so haunted.
Lonely, scared, sad, confused... Life is hard. Life isn't what we always think it's going to be, and when our worst fears are realized, we can't ever be prepared for the end result anyway. I can't say this enough, and I never will, but when you have whatever defines contentment or happiness for you, appreciate it and hold on to that moment.
My sister told me once that happiness comes in small packages. I wish we could just open them over and over again and push aside all of the bad things that happens in our lives.
But I don't know how to do that. So hold onto those moments as long as you can. Look at your pictures. For me, that's all I've got.

Don't worry. I promise I will talk everything over with the cat. He is very attentive over turkey sandwich luncheons.

Let's see what an apple cider milkshake can do to take the edge off. (Is it okay to mix legitimately prescribed medications with hardcore milkshakes? If I get the extra caramel will I get a hangover?)

See you later gators.


Kristin and Jason said...

great Job!! Very pretty bride!!

bridechic said...

Just gorgeous. I love their choice of flowers . . .