Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What has been your biggest challenge? (Wednesday Wonderings)

Yes, I confess Wednesday Wonderings has been on a long hiatus, but we are back this week and I want to hear from you!

Wednesday Wonderings is open to any person who stumbles into this blog, any bride or groom, past present or future who has something to contribute, an opinion or experience to share which could be of help to the other couples out there planning their big days.

For most women, we look at the process of wedding planning as something to be coveted and something to look forward to. Men of course, for the most part, don't seem to know that such a thing as "wedding planning" exists until their fiances start stacking the bridal magazines on the coffee table and accidentally crazy glue their fingers together when they pick up her latest DIY project.

Either way, when it comes down to it, most couples tend to find the process at one point or another, extremely frustrating.

What has been or what was the most stressful and frustrating part of planning for you? What would have made it better? What advice to you have for other brides to make their planning processes more fun and less of a headache?


Sarah attacking her bridesmaids with her bouquet outside the Stratosphere at her Vegas wedding last year.

She was just kidding. Well, she was about 10% kidding. lol

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April said...

I had 2 big frustrations: Our Parents, and society.

1. Our mothers were absolutely getting into the planning and we felt that they were doing it in an effort to live vicariously through us. Both our moms were married at age 17(just like me) but neither had big church weddings. They were both married in their parents living room while wearing their sunday best with only immediate family in attendance. Eventually, we found a happy medium by letting them do things that we didn't care about like planning menu's and the order of the ceremony, but for a few months we were pulling our hair out because they griped and bitched about everything that we wanted! LoL. It worked out fine

2. Society. At age 17, I was blissfully ignorant of how materialistic and ridiculous the world really was. It wasn't until I started pouring over bridal magazines and realizing that a "good" wedding by society's standards cost over $20,000, I was appalled. I had a $4,000 budget to work with, plus about $2,000 from my husband(then fiance) and his family. We planned a beautiful wedding under budget and it was not tacky at all. But it hurt me that people would say "really? You are just going to Jekyll Island for your honeymoon? Why not Aruba!?" Uhhh, because we like to pay our bills on time? Getting the roof put on our house is more of a priority? I hated the pressure of everyone else telling me "you only get married once!" and "It's your day, it should be all that you ever dreamed of!" My wedding was fun and it was tasteful. I have no regrets except my regrets over letting people like that make me feel inferior.

Logan said...

Well since I just got married a week and a half ago! Lets see the most stressful part for me was the guest list and the seating chart I spend many days stressing over those 2 things. But in the end none of that stuff matters everything will go by so fast and the people that mean something to you will be there and where they sit won't matter! lol I don't think I would have made anything better somethings went wrong like the dj messing up our music and the cake almost falling over. But I married my best friend and that's all that really matters. Advice I have well it might get stressful but try to make it fun when it stops being fun take a few days off from planning that always helped me. Also don't be afraid to ask for help! Enjoy it because it's over in a blink of the eye. :)