Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lake Tahoe Snowy Engagement Photography Session (Terha & Jayson)

The road to Tahoe was beautifully, silently, covered in crystal white snow as my naughty, babysitter-less beagle and I drove to meet Terha and Jayson for their e-session on this pretty warm day for a snow session. (I love run on sentences.)

It went WAY better than my last snow session, although I fell in about 40,000 holes up to my knees (I was only lucky one who did that...) and the exception of the extremely traumatic experience of getting pulled over by CHP on 80, which was really awful for personal reasons I won't go into, but that's what therapy's for, right? (You only WISH I was kidding! [insert uncomfortable laughter here; followed by awkward silence]) Other than that, it was great!

Terha and Jayson were so fun, Terha is the DEFINITION of flirty and sassiness and Jayson couldn't be more tall and manly. This is just a preview though, so hold on to your snow boots for the whole post later!

Let's do a fully rounded post of all styles shall we?

Traditionally posed formal:


Candid, photojournalistic:


Artistic, mod, art nouveau:


In the words of everybody's favorite wedding planner, Franc Eggelhoffer, " Vank Goodness snow is white, it vorks." {Father of the Bride, 1991}

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Jennifer Vance said...

Beautiful!I so love that first image!Good job! :)