Friday, April 1, 2011

Georgetown DC Wedding Photography (Jess & Carter)

Don't they sound presidential? Jesse+Carter? = Jesse Carter? That sounds like a president waiting to happen folks. And with where we took pictures, it's no wonder.

My SECOND lovely trip to Washington D.C. to shoot a wedding, and such an honor and privilege because the Shepherd family chose me to photograph their second daughter's wedding after having me shoot their eldest daughter's, Nicki's, last year! :)6am on wedding day, you could find us traipsing around Georgetown, standing on people's doorsteps and dancing in the brick and cobblestone-laied streets.

Here's a preview on which to feast your eyes!

Sorry you're so small Carter, I'm still working on getting used to my new version of PS... it's been a little fickle so far...



Becky A said...

Awwwwww. So pretty.

Diane Conn said...

Hey! I know Carter! We went to institute together "back in the day"!
What a small world!

Great job on the pictures, they look great!