Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Published Overseas! (The Kirkwood Hideout and the Winters Walnut Farm)


For the first time, Emily Heizer Photography (oooh, that's me) has been published internationally! How exciting is that? One of the editors of Malaysian-based magazine, "Signature Weddings" spotted these weddings because they had basically been published/publicized elsewhere, but here in the US! Since the material is new to international readers, the prior publicity didn't matter and SW did a WONDERFUL job of presenting these weddings in a fresh, delightful new way! I love the layouts and how the images are presented. It makes me feel so proud at how my work has been recognized in the last year, and to have not one, but two weddings featured internationally- with a total of six pages of spreads is phenomenal. What's even more phenomenal is that these publications are finding ME, not the other way around. Both Signature Weddings, and Latino Bride & Groom, the magazine that ran my image as their cover last year approached me and asked me for images. That's amazing. After getting the spreads from both Signature Weddings and Real Weddings this week I was a big girl and put in an order with White House Custom Color to have the spreads printed on fancy paper so I can frame them without ripping them out of the magazines. I hope I get more opportunities like this!

Erin & Matt's Winters Wedding was first on the features list. They got me my first blog feature ever- on Ruffled!


Do we even have to identify this one? lol Jamie & Jesse's wedding has been on The Wedding Chicks, Sparkle & Hay, Love & Lavender, Hindsight Bride, Yummy Wedding Food, Un Mariage a Portobello, Brides 365, FY Wedding Ideas, Real Weddings Magazine and doesn't ever seem to get old. I still get clients who when I pull out my magazines during consultations will point and exclaim and squeal when I show them this wedding and tell me it was their inspiration point. This feature is beautiful.

This wedding was shot near Tahoe, in Kirkwood at a venue called the Hideout.


Thank you so much to Signature Weddings for the wonderful features!

Now everyone, go over to their Facebook, become a fan, become a subscriber, order a copy of the magazine, be inspired! :)


Jennifer Vance said...

Congratulations!That first photo of Jessie and James just takes my breath away!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Jesse & Jamie, not Jessie & James- Jesse is the boy and Jamie is the girl! LOL

Thank you so much though! I love that picture too!! :) And I am SO GLAD somebody finally used a canoe shot in one of the publications- those were my FAVORITE!

Latino Bride and Groom said...

Emily, Latino Bride & Groom would like to congratulate you for yet another one of your weddings being published!

bridechic said...

Congrats to an uber-talented photographer!