Friday, December 16, 2011

Cute as a Button... Quincee Paige and Connor Nathan (Provo Utah Twins Photographer)


Connor Nathan and Quincee Paige are the last children in a family I have actually photographed for a few years now. You can see big sister's Emmersyn's photos here and Nicole and Nathan's family portraits here!

These sweet babies have an awesome mom and dad and an amazing birth story. Nicole worked so hard to keep these babies in her belly and stayed on bedrest for weeks and weeks both in the hospital and at home, which is super hard with a toddler on the loose in your house! After all of that, with the help her husband, friends, family, Hypnobabies and a team of midwives, Nicole gave birth at home to these twins! How about that for an amazing accomplishment! She had as close as possible to the birth experience as she wanted and she got two healthy babies who did not have to stay in the NICU, no induction, no c-section, no drugs, everything was natural. GO NICOLE! If you are not familiar with HypnoBabies, you can check that information out here! I have seen it do amazing things for a number of clients, even those that chose to have medicated births, it helped them get through the hard parts of their labors much easier, and inspired many others to go all the way like Nicole and Nathan!

For fun birth stories, you can read the HypnoBabies Blog over HERE too.

Back to the babies. :)

So, you two are both tiny, cute, and naked. (But modestly posed, thank you very much.) How are we supposed to know which one of you is the girl?

Oh. Thanks for clearin' that up Quince! :D Didn't mean to offend!

What are you both plugging your ears now? Am I that obnoxious?

Okay, so I didn't really need to ask. I will stop talking now. :)

Here's a tiny bit of their nursery too. I love this sign over here on the right. I love it of course because it's my favorite colors, my blogs colors over the years, AND because I found this phrase! I was cruising Pinterest and I saw this sign and I just KNEW that this was for this mom. Quincee and Connor were the most wanted and wished for babies in the world. (Every baby is, and these babies were no exception.) It was a hard road for them to get here and we all rejoiced when we heard that they were on their way to us. They were truly born at the bottom of a wishing well because they were seeded from the prayers, hopes and dreams of so many people and we are so happy they could join Nicole and Nathan's family. :)

Disclaimer of course, I found the phrase (insert Emily's super puffed up peacock feathers here) but Nicole made this canvas while she was pregnant. Isn't that amazing? I still don't know how she did it! It's gorgeous!

Congratulations to the whole family!

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Nicole said...

Oh. My. Cuteness. These pictures are AMAZING, Emily. You are so incredibly talented!!!!