Monday, December 19, 2011

Woodland Wedding Photographer (Ryan & Sandyn's Ranch Weddin')

Every once in awhile one of my couples will look over at me during the ceremony. I always wonder what thought flashes through their minds when they do. They usually smile or giggle or wink. It feels like our little secret, like we are in this together. Like, I'm their back up. A lot of the time, I'm the only one who can directly see the couple's face other than the officiant, and the officiant is conducting the ceremony so he or she isn't really focusing on that. Sometimes the couple is being naughty and goofing around, usually during a long ceremony and I give my best motherly face to get them back on track but they always know better than to believe my fake out and then they are trying not to laugh even harder. (I'm horrible.)

I always wonder what they are thinking when they glance at me, those 2.3 seconds or so. Is it nerves? Reassurance? Am I too close? Just a random gaze and I was there?

During Terra and Kale's ceremony in August they both kept looking at me and making faces and giggling at the altar. But don't tell. They were TOTALLY paying attention the whole time. LOL

During Sandyn and Ryan's ceremony, Sandy looked over at me real quick right before the vows. Then she grabbed Ryan's hand. I got a picture of that. I love sweet little moments like that because they are just real, genuine, physical manifestations of emotion.

Enjoy your holidays readers and appreciate everyone you are able to be with, and miss the ones who aren't here...

See their engagement HERE.

This is totally going to become an EHP tradition... I talked another bride into getting dressed outside in the woods! And I had my first bride request it on her contract a few weeks back! Yay! So excited!

New Carl Zeiss 85mm 1/4... Looks nice!

Opps caught a blinker in this one. Gotta re-do the edits. :)

And we are off to Ryan and Sandy's ranch in Woodland for the ceremony! They did such an awesome job decorating with the natural landscape and organic elements!

Ceremony site

Daddy Ryan and their Weimaraner Bullet. Silver was having naptime across the street. She's not much one for crowds. (Neither is my beagle so I relate.)

Momma got a little emotional. :)

That hand grab...

The kiss!

Man and wife!

I'll be in Orange County for awhile, then back up here for a wedding in Oakland, then Washington DC for one last wedding before the New Year! Happy Holidays!

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Elizabeth said...

Emily these are amazing! You captured some great emotion. That one of the mother, OMG! GORG. Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful photos.