Monday, March 12, 2012

The Citizen Hotel & State Capitol Engagement Pictures: A Mad Men Engagement... A West Wing Engagement?

H and S went from aspirations of a Mad Men themed vintage-40's engagement session, to all of us walking into their Capitol Suite on the 14th floor of The Citizen Hotel overlooking the state Capitol of California and thinking we had just walked more out of an episode of The West Wing, rather than Mad Men!

They canoodled, they were serious. They sipped champagne and overlooked the city. Basically, every couple I have from now on needs to rent out this suite just so we can hang out and look at the view. Totally, right?

I know you're a little squinty Shane but I LOVE this one because Holly's hair is SO perfectly wind-swept!

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ALSO... TODAY is our office manager, Kristin's birthday! She is 12 days older than, and will be turning 25 for the (I'm not sure how many times? A lot. We turn 25 a lot.) this year! (Just like me.)

Happy Birthday Kristin! We love you!


Linda said...

Love this! Great shots!

bridechic said...

I really love the perspective of these shots with the street scenes below. Fantastic work

oxoxoxo from San Francisco