Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Santa Cruz Engagement Photography (Christina & Dustin)

Christina and Dustin wanted to hit up the pier and boardwalk in Santa Cruz, where, coincidentally, Dustin grew up, and where, of course we just so happened to run into people he knew as soon as we started walking around! Ha! We got cotton candy, made out against old fashioned buildings (okay, they did), and stripped in the street (okay, again them, and it was a wardrobe change). They are SUPER cute and were SO easy to work with, and I am SUPER DUPER excited they are one of my THREE weddings at the Hideout near Kirkwood this year! yay!

Christina specifically asked for a little bit of a different editing style during our first meeting, similar to the crazy bright and bolds I did at the Jamie & Jesse's wedding in 2010. I always give my clients lots of options, so in addition to these heavy edits, Dustin and Chris will also get the negatives, versions with light touch ups and some minimally edited versions too. :) A little something for everyone!

Don't forget to check out Christina's awesome wedding rental and furniture business! Her facebook fan page is right HERE!

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