Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Milk Glass Tutorial for Wedding Reception Tables

I absolutely LOVE the look of milk glass. It is such a beautiful, classic piece of tableware and can be so incredibly stunning whether you are having a down-home country affair, or something more modern and chic. It all depends on the way your florist styles your blooms.

But milk glass can also be incredibly expensive, and at times, hard to find. Not everyone has the months of weekends free to hunt up random pieces at garage and antique sales.

So we have an idea. An incredibly brilliant idea thought up by one of EHP's brides, Tessa, who married just this last weekend in Warrenton, Virgina just outside Washington DC. For her wedding, Tessa looked to her kitchen for inspiration. Tessa likes Starbucks Frappuchino's... a lot apparently. And after acquiring a number of large bottles through her own drinking habits, thought that the glass was really, actually quite attractive!

Simply peel off the labels (this is easy to do since Starbucks uses clear, sticker-type labels), or if you use a different brand or type of drink with a paper label, simply soak it over night in hot, soapy water and that label will be easy scrubbed off the next day. You can also lightly score it to help the water work it's way through the adhesive a little faster.

Once the label is removed, just paint the outside of the bottle with some nice, white paint, available at any craft store. Depending on what type of bottle you have may determine what type of paint you need, but I bet any oil-based paint would work.

So easy! And aren't they pretty? You could do all kinds of things with this!



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