Monday, May 7, 2012

Union Hill Inn of Sonora, Wedding of Gabe & Bridget

Bridget and Gabe traveled all the way from Southern California to marry at the stunning Union Hill Inn in Sonora. I did not meet Gabriel and Bridget until their lovely wedding day, but after so many emails back and forth, it didn't matter. Bridget was just as welcoming in person as she was over her messages, and her darling beagles melted my heart as soon as I saw them passed out and snoring on her bridal bed!

Soft greens, yellows, creams and just a touch of aqua fluttered around the venue as everyone busied for the big moment, which took place in a barn converted into a chapel, in front of a beautiful stone fireplace. Fairy lights twinkled from the suspended wooden chandeliers as the local children's choir ascended the aisle. It was stunning.



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