Monday, June 4, 2012

Placerville Foothills Wedding (Tiffany & Brett got married!)

These two married in a friend's amazing backyard in Placerville. A short, yellow bus called a "FART" (so not kidding), shuttled guests up to the home. (Okay, it might also be known as Foothill Area Rapid Transit, appropriately linked to at It was pretty awesome.

Tiffany and Brett make me CRACK. UP. They have been together forever, and with bribery of a wedding beagle (who was no where to be seen by the way... I waited, what? A year to meet this wedding beagle?) or perhaps a small, short, vertically challenged human (aka, baby) Brett decided that yes, marriage might be for him. So, we cracked open some kegs and had ourselves a weddin'! (We also had some help from April, of April's Events. She was awesome; check her out!)

Watch out for Tiffany's "birds." They seem to just pop out of nowhere in this post...


Do you see the birds? I see the birds!!! We sort of got the dress stuck on her head, so the birds were well-timed. My bad.


Here's the truth about ring bearers.... They are really cute, and they don't like to lower themselves to the title of "sign holder"

Ring bearers also aren't typically wild about portraits unless it involves candy and popscicles and ice cream and free bunnies and trips to Disneyland. 
We had none of these.   



More to come! Stay tuned! And maybe I'll tell you about the car fire, the time I split my pants all the way up my bum and flashed everyone. Pure awesomeness. LOL

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Paige said...

Her details were fabulous!
What great wedding to capture.
(I look at that ring bearer and see Kaleb in a very short while.)