Monday, August 6, 2012

CorvallisTeller Wildlife Center Wedding (Alexis & Brady)

Hold on to your hats & glasses folks, because the Charlie Coffee and the Black Cat Bakery people got married!

Ali & Brady were married at the Teller Wildlife Center in Corvallis, Montana just outside Missoula, and I flew all the way from California just for the occasion. I LOVED Montana and am dying (already) to go back. Ali made me the most AMAZING gift bag full of local goodies and a whole laundry list of activities I had to do in the two days I was there before the wedding. (One day in which I spent photographing them!) It was a really hard job, but I made it through, I think, the entire list, and gained 4 pounds in 4 days. I am still missing those huckleberry milkshakes at the drive-in. Oh, MY!

Ali's mother passed away when she was a little girl, so she and her sister Sadie worked really hard to find ways to incorporate their Mum into the celebrations of the day. Ali wore her mother's wedding dress (she just might have slightly altered those giant puff sleeves a tid bit :) and both Ali and Sadie wore rings of their mom's on the day of. Sadie also carried a special heart shaped box that belonged to her, and a framed image was also displayed of her in her wedding dress. Alexis and Sadie also both have special matching sunflower tattoos on their legs in honor of her, and we made sure we photographed, I think almost everything they had done in honor of her. They did a GREAT JOB in remembering her on this special day for Ali and Brady!

I have at least six brides this year who will be, or have celebrated this big milestone in life without at least one parent present, and I have watched each of you go through the range of emotions on your day as you worked through it. You all have done such a great job, and as I meet with each of you, I want you all to know how much I think about you and how proud I am of all of you for carrying on so strong! :)

This is part one, including getting ready, some of the many, many details, and the ceremony!







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What an amazing wedding and love the gorgeous bridal dress.The bride is so attractive and beautiful.Best wishes for the couple and thanks for sharing!