Friday, August 10, 2012

Lolo Montana Wedding Bridal Portraits (Ali & Brady)

When I edit my images, I tend to let the images themselves lead me in how I process them. Some just need to be processed in a very quiet and modest way. Some NEED to be more loud and bold. I've been in a groove of processing pretty quietly and sweetly for awhile now, but as I was doing that with these pictures, it just wasn't sitting right... This part of the session NEEDED that loudness, that boldness! So in addition to my usual muted images, I also processed additional images in screaming bright colors too! I'm probably unique in that I don't stay too close to any one particular style- my style is defined by what is best for that particular wedding or photo shoot. I am led by my work. But then again, that's a style in itself too, isn't it? :)

This is Part 2 of Ali & Brady's Lolo & Missoula, Montana Bridal Portraits. We shot the second half of their session on top of a hill at nearly 10:00pm at night- it was still light out (barely) and the lights of Missoula twinkled behind them!

See Part 1 HERE, and the Preview Post HERE. 



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