Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Kirkwood HideOut Wedding Photographer Tahoe Mountain Wedding (David & Ry)

Ryan & David married at the Kirkwood HideOut, near Tahoe last weekend.

Everytime I am privileged enough to travel here... everything just seems magical. As Victoria and I drove in on the Old Emmigrant Trail Road, the skies opened up and it started to pour. Then, just as suddenly, as we pulled up to Pucker Butt Hill (seriously), it stopped. Just like that. Magic.

The clouds moved in and out all day, and we had some drops of rain here and there (and a few brief panic attacks), but all was well and the outdoor celebration went on.

I was so delighted to finally meet BJ & Tom Hoover, the owners after two years of correspondance! The HideOut, near Kirkwood and Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is an amazing place for a wedding, and I know it's going to stun me every time!

You can view our other weddings at the Kirkwood HideOut right HERE. 

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