Monday, August 20, 2012

UVA Chapel & Triple C Camp Wedding Charlottesville, Virgina Wedding (Jon & Els)

Jon & Els held their ceremony at the University of Virgina Chapel, with a awesome reception at a kid's summer camp called Triple C Camp, all in Charlottesville, Virgina! I flew out just for the occasion and was more than delighted with all of the hard work Els, her family (her sister made her bouquet!), and especially her Matron of Honor had done for the big day!

Els' dad passed away just a year ago, and she wore a special pin on the inside of her dress to carry him with her on this day. She also had an engraved locket anchored to her bouquet. She wore her grandmother's wedding shoes, much to the surprise of her Grandpa!

Beer was served out of a canoe actually filled with life preservers, all of the tables in the dining hall had photos from special locations from Jon & Els' relationship- from their first date to their honeymoon location. They almost killed all of the succulents in their apartment in the days before the wedding, but they made it and some guests took them home as favors! After dinner, the guys made their way down to the court and played some basketball, while the ladies cheered from the sidelines, or a few others made their way over to the campfire and the s'mores station. (Isn't it clever how they etched the letters SMORES into the mason jars to light the path to the fire? Ha! Good job!)

Jon & Els did have some cake, but they didn't actually cut it during their reception. Instead, they had a donut truck come out, and deliver fresh hot donuts and donut ice cream sandwiches during the party! They stood in front of their hot pink ombre dessert bar and ripped that baby in half!!!

During their First Look, Els pelted Jon with a green Walnut. LOL That was a first!

Jon & Els even had the Magic School Bus take their guests from their hotels, to the ceremony, and then the reception, AND BACK! So we had to get a picture in front of the Magical Buses. :)

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