Monday, October 22, 2012

Coloma Gold Country Wedding (Selena and Jesse)

Selena & Jesse married beside a lake (oooh my favorite!) in Coloma in September. Selena's one strapped wedding dress with the full ruffled skirt was a DREAM and I was so excited to finally see a one shouldered dress on one of my girls! Gorgeous! Jesse doesn't look too bad either in that tux! :)

As the happy couple exited the ceremony, Husband and Wife!

 Image on the left is SOOC (Straight Out of Camera), and image on right is fully edited. Shot at 1.4, 1/8000 ISO 500

Occasionally I am asked why I don't often blog reception pictures. There are a few reasons:

I really like blogging and showing off pictures of the bride and groom. They are what the whole day is about, and I love documenting their relationship. This is my favorite part of the whole day, (our couple's portrait time), and I am usually SUPER EXCITED to show off these images.  For the best lighting, these portraits always take place while it's still light outside!

Most receptions take place either after dark, or inside. This usually means the use of a flash is required, which I do carry and use, but it's definitely not my favorite. I like being able to shoot photojournalistically as well as doing fun and formal portraits and carrying a giant flash and blinding people with it makes me a little more obvious! It also just doesn't have the tone or feel of a natural portrait. 

Much of my work is published, and magazines like us to keep the details (aka reception detail shots) under wraps until after the publication comes out. Although we are able to show the images on our own blogs, this doesn't always prevent them from being picked up by other publications before the mag has a chance to publish. 

Despite the hazards of night-time receptions to my personal preferences regarding the aesthetics of my images, I am often lucky enough to have enough ambient light at a reception to shoot without flash, and it makes me positively giddy. The emotions feel more real, and the moment more romanticized.

Selena with her dad, during their father-daughter dance. This image was shot using only ambient (natural, available) lighting around us, the twinkle lights, star light, candlights off the tables and a chandelier suspended from a wire off a tree a bit further away.  I properly exposed the image by using the proper lens, one which was created for use in low light, using a slow shutter speed, and upping my ISO. All of these things, when used in conjunction allow me to be less intrusive into this special moment. It's not always possible, but when it is, can be very beautiful.

See what I mean in terms of the intimacy and the emotion in the shot?

 1.4, 1/60, ISO 2000

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NO said...

loved seeing your before and afters and reading your take on natural light... I feel the same way!
Do you edit in Lightroom?

Emily Heizer Photography said...

I do not! I am a crazy person and typically hand edit each individual picture in Photoshop! I do do some mass processing, but not much, mostly all by hand, one picture at a time. I'm nuts! lol

milsztof said...

I don't like my reception shots either even if I sometimes blog them. I prefer portraits and the emotions between them two :)