Monday, October 15, 2012

Northstar California at Tahoe Wedding (Rachel and Ray's Truckee Wedding)

Rachel & Ray and I first met at a little Starbucks in Sacramento. We all traveled cross-country to Washington DC for their preppy engagement session at Du Pont Circle, and rounded out our travels with their fall-inspired Lake Tahoe Wedding right next door in Truckee, at the Tahoe North Star Ski Resort. 

Instead of seeing each other for the first time as Rachel came down the aisle, these two wanted something more special- a First Look. Something I like to call a private, sacred ceremony- a private beginning for their marriage. With just the two of them, no witnesses (save for a couple of us with cameras trying to be discreet!). Beyond a First Look, Rachel also wanted to approach the whole moment differently. She wanted both Ray AND herself to see each other at the same time- no sneaking up behind him, or tapping him on the shoulder- or pelting him with a walnut.

They decided to start off their First Look with a First Touch! Wanting it to be in a serene, natural setting, we set Ray up in a small wooded area on one side of the tree, and I went back, walked Rachel over, and had her close her eyes once she got close enough. We put her on the other side of the tree, and they held hands, giggled, and laughed, accidentally snuck a peak or two, and then BAM! They turned towards each other and LITERALLY each saw each other for the first time at the same moment. It was so exciting!!

See for yourself! :)

Emily Heizer Photography

Northstar California in Lake Tahoe

Kendra Pfeiffer for Pfeiffer Event Planning

Videography / Cinematography:
Sean Kenney & Dakin Chamberlain for Studio THP
 Studio THP Cimena works in conjunction with Frontside Films

Northstar California in Lake Tahoe

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