Friday, October 19, 2012

Pink Ombre Book-Inspired Miner's Foundry Cultural Center Wedding ( Randy & Emily)

Emily put a HUGE amount of detail into this wedding. The venue is used for a variety of purposes, from proms (another one of my client's had their jr/senior prom there!) to concerts to community activities... And yet, it is still a totally rockin' wedding venue too. It looks a little like an old mill from the outside, and then inside is all rock... lit with candles it is magical! Emily took the time to cover the activity boards inside the building with wedding accents that tied into the event. She brought the party outside by hanging ombre-dyed pieces of fabric in gorgeous drapes over the entrance. "Randy & Emily" signs were everywhere, from the front window, to the scrabble board inside. The detail was incredible and the whole event stunning. Even at this teeny tiny little venue- The Miner's Foundry in Nevada City!

 Randy was a little nervous waiting for the First Look!

Emily Heizer Photography

Miner's Foundry Cultural Center

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