Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pleasant Hill Mountain Top Engagement (Julie & Kyle)

I seriously had the MOST FUN on this engagement shoot. Julie and Kyle are first of all HILARIOUS (and for some reason think I am too) and the scenery was just GORGEOUS! These two will be getting married at my favorite venue ever, The HideOut at Kirkwood next year, and, by default, basically we have the same taste in everything and think everything is awesome. (Hideout love is some kind of rustic chic disease we're all uber proud of)

Julie & Kyle go hiking in this little neighborhood mountain area on a regular basis, and so, the entire plot of land was hugely meaningful to them, which is EXACTLY what I am looking for when I am scouting a location for a couple. I try to help guide you guys a little bit on what we are looking for, but my first and most important goal is to produce images that you will have an emotional connection to for all time. Not just snapshots... moments. 

This day was also one of those days that I just felt so absolutely lucky to have this job of mine. I was cheerful and excited the whole way in and out on that long drive (and listening to THIS SONG on repeat, despite it's probable morbidity in the lyrics, I'm hooked and it will forever make me think of this day, I know!) (Links open in a new window, no worries!)

The only thing that could have made it better, was VIDEO and I was so bummed I didn't have a team with me, or that I didn't bring my 7D to try and do it myself on. (I might make a slideshow with my new favorite song though. We'll see. Anyone know how to get an instrumental version?)  I don't shoot Canon, so I am actually trying to unload this sweet little baby! I bought it refurbished in April 2011, and took maybe 500-1000 shots, ballpark. I only purchased it for video and used it as a back up once. (Took maybe 30minutes to an hour of video over a year.) It has lots of body wear from being lugged to every shoot and wedding for a year, but it wasn't actually used. (It just got set down on a lot of tables so it has corresponding scuff marks.) If anyone is interested, I'm happy to ship anywhere in the US or Canada, just make me an offer! (You can reach me at heizer_ea {at} yahoo.com )

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Christi Lynn said...

love these! I want my engagements to look like this!

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