Friday, March 1, 2013

Ponderosa Ridge Ranch Irish Wedding in Chico

Brandy & Brian married at Ponderosa Ridge Ranch on St. Patrick's Day, honoring a bit of their Irish heritage! Ponderosa's acres of open farm land and pastures, so when Brandy stepped outside to get put her wedding dress on underneath a tree overlooking those beautiful green fields, horses frolicked below us with their wild hair flowing in the wind. Brandy and Brian had their First Look in private with just myself present, as we consider out First Looks to be a private, sacred beginning to your marriage ceremony, and treat it with as much honor and respect as possible. It was beautiful, and they giggled and laughed and rejoiced under the sun!

Brandy cried big crocodile tears during Brian's vows.

Brandy & Brian asked important people in their lives to present satin ribbons in a rainbow of colors to be part of their Celtic Handfasting ceremony. It was beautiful to watching the colors grow on their hands and watch them be sealed to each other in this ancient way. This is where the term "tying the knot" originated from!
After the ceremony, we escaped back out to the fields for more private time!

Vanilla Groom Marshmallow + Chocolate Bride Marshmallow= The Most Perfect Romantic S'more Ever

Thank you to our intern Victoria for helping out at this event! (Meet Victoria HERE!)

Emily Heizer Photography

Ponderosa Ridge Ranch

DIY by the Bride

The 530 Bride

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