Friday, April 5, 2013

Black Gold Golf Club Yorba Linda Country Club Wedding Photography (Vince & Lisa)

Vince and I went to high school together, along with my office manager, Kristin. We all sat in Campenelli's math class together one year.  The first week or something, I stuffed a copy of Jurassic Park  under my desk so I could read during class and 6 foot 4 inch Vince would very casually lean over my shoulder (I'm only 5'5", and was probably even shorter than that at the time) and read along with me. That was how we met. LOL

 He was a year behind Kristin and I, but we were all in the same class. He read because he was smarter than us and was bored. I read because I didn't understand anything that was going on and was lost. Kristin passed notes back and forth to us and/or whispered or, read her own books under the table.

Years later,  Vince convinced this super math genius super star teacher Lisa to marry him, AND to be his quarterback princess for life. (He may have possibly bribed her with shoes and flowers. He should also probably give her more of both, as all good husbands should.) They had a very traditional ceremony with bright fall colors just a little ways down the road from where we grew up, in Yorba Linda. The reception was a total party and had a FABULOUS candy bar and all kinds of great details. I even heard Lisa did all of the bling on all of the vases, which HOLY COW is a lot of work. POWER TO THE DIY GIRLS!

The one thing I was not prepared for, however, was randomly running into my 11th grade English teacher while shooting couples on the dance floor. That was totally not the weirdest thing ever. Like half the staff of my high school and/or graduates from the last 10 years were all over the place. (Because not only does everyone still live within a 20 mile radius, but Vince used to work as a football coach for the school!)

On with the prettiness, all designed by the Princess Lisa! Their puppy was not able to be there, but I am sure she was there in spirit.

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