Monday, April 8, 2013

Lake Tahoe Hideout Pink Ombre Wedding near Kirkwood (Ryan & David's Hideout Wedding)

David & Ryan met at work, but didn't start dating for quite some time! They married in the prettiest, pinkest ombre do it yourself ceremony on the grounds of the beautiful acreage at the HideOut property near Kirkwood outside Lake Tahoe. (Near Mormon Emigrant Trail, a nice isolated road in the middle of nowhere!) Ryan's mom hand dyed and made all of those puff balls and David made all of the wood signage and the entire bar! It was absolutely beautiful and amazing! Ryan wore this amazing dress by Amy Kuschel - amazing!

Also present was the couple's darling puppy, who was very well behaved and so very sad that he couldn't sit in during the ceremony (I believe we were short a leash-holder)- he watched very politely just a little ways out of reach while Mommy and Daddy got married!  (Don't worry, he got to run wild and free after and got lots of snacks! :) )

 Beautiful, custom, hand drawn maps of the property and of the events!
 Puppy watching Mommy coming down the aisle!
 David whistled when he saw Ryan walk down the aisle!

Those beautiful place cards put into the reclaimed drift wood- even myself and my assistant Victoria got one! So beautiful! We saved them, of course!  :)

Ryan made her own bouquet and did all of the florals herself! Isn't that amazing? Her bouquet included garden roses. I was so amazed, I was totally tricked into thinking they were peonies, they were so large and fluffy and beautiful! Also in there were carnations, and they looked just stunning!

David built this bar and the signs himself (I believe!) It was AMAZING!

Ryan's mom hand dyed every single one of these puff balls in pink, peach and blush ombre!

A little sunset canoe ride!

Photography: Emily Heizer
Venue: THE HideOut 
Wedding Dress: Amy Kuschel
Catering: Beth Sogaard



Wish You Were Here Photo said...

Gorgeous photos!

bridechic said...

Love the touch with the pies--very original. I don't know why the dog wasn't allowed to join the festivities. It was an outside wedding and that dog seems so well behaved though lonely without the folks!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

I think there wasn't anyone free to hold his leash! lol He could see pretty good from his viewpoint though! :)

Unknown said...

So lovely!