Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teddy Bear Picnic Placerville Newborn Session

Clearly, Adelaide is the most popular and awesome baby that ever lived in the whole world. In fact, she is so popular that all of the teddy bears came out and had a picnic tea party with her to celebrate her big birth-day last month!

Adelaide's Mommy and Daddy are so, so excited she made it here safe and sound, although, she was a wee bit pushy, making sure she made it here a good three weeks early so she could start out her life with a nice dainty figure. (Unlike myself. I was a month late and 11 pounds, which invited jokes about me eating the other babies in the nursery. Nothing much has changed between now and then either.)

March came in like a lion and we are super swamped with sessions and burning master discs and wrapping up packages. Just a little something fun to tide you over. :)

Baby Adelaide made by Tiffany & Brett
Teddy Bear provided by Miss P, of the Brookfield School
Books from Anthropologie & Amazon
Teacups & demattisse espresso cups from Amazon
Teacup tower from Anthropologie
Cupcakes from Icing on the Cupcake, Sacramento
Cake Plate, vintage, etsy
Picnic Basket, Target
Tutu, Handmade by yours truly

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