Monday, July 15, 2013

Canyon Oaks Country Club Wedding Photography in Chico

I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Torrie and Austen until their wedding day, but they were so sweet and so dear with each other, it was lovely to see them together! Torrie and Austen both exchanged love letters before the ceremony, and Torrie arranged for one of the kids to present Austen with a note at the end of the aisle before she arrived. It didn't work quite out as planned, but the note said, "I can't wait to kiss you!" So cute!

They were both extremely tough to brave the 113 degree heat on the day of their outdoor wedding, and while we didn't spend ages doing portraits, we did still get some goodies, despite the uncomfortable conditions!

It was here that Austen finally got Torrie's secret note to him that he was supposed to get right before she walked down the aisle!

Photography by Emily Heizer Photography


Krisstin | On the Go Bride said...

Gorgeous! Love the "I can't wait to kiss you" note. Too cute!

Alizeebridal said...

I love the sweet country club wedding that is really amazing and full of fun!Hope the sweet couple happy forever!

sandy said...

What vintage wedding!So great!