Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vintage German Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography at Our Lady of Tahoe Catholic Church

Robyn and Justin are so in love that they decided to get married not once, but twice! :) Their first ceremony was on a Friday this summer at the gorgeous little wood chapel, "Our Lady of Tahoe," on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. They had a BBQ beach reception that night at Zephyr Cove Resort and celebrated Robyn's birthday too! Justin's mom is German, and there were tons of German traditions infused into all parts of the weddings, from the appearance of lederhosen, special drinks, to stocking caps, to a log sawing ceremony, something I've always wanted to see since I studied German a couple of years ago! (And I am German as well!)
On Saturday, everyone gathered back at Zephyr Cove for a beach side ceremony and a party under the stars. Such an amazing weekend!

This amazing lady right here is the original owner of Robyn's wedding dress! She wore the dress at her wedding in the 1950's, and her daughter, Robyn's godmother wore that same gown at her 1980's wedding. While Robyn's beloved godmother has sadly passed away, these ladies were just giddy with excitement over this unique way Robyn chose to honor her godmother, and to see how amazingly well this gown has held up over the last 60 years!

 And now for some couple's time! We shot these in the wooded area just behind Our Lady of Tahoe Catholic Church, which is where Friday's ceremony took place. This was the first service I think where I was called out during the ceremony by the priest, Father Oliver I think was his name, and he informed me I had a very special and important job on this day- to take as many pictures as humanly possible so that Roby and Justin can reflect back on these images throughout the ups and downs of their future together and remember the love they each brought with them when they started this journey! It was very sweet!

I just love all of that lace on Robyn's vintage gown!

After the catholic service, there was a short break before the sunset BBQ on the beach that night! A very informal reception, everybody chipped in to make the evening great. Justin's mom even knit Robyn and Justin a set of stocking caps as a gift, and Justin wore lederhosen! (He looked AWESOME!) Friday was also Robyn's birthday so there was also a cake for her, as well as a cake for Justin and Robyn together, which they practiced cutting and feeding for the big event on Saturday!

Photography: Emily Heizer Photography
Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Tahoe Catholic Church, Lake Tahoe
Reception Venue: Zephyr Cove Resort Nevada

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Thanks for stopping by my blog--it's always nice to hear your thoughts. Also, this wedding is in a gorg place. I absolutely adore the Zephr Cove Area. Her lace gown and mantilla are just stunning!