Thursday, October 22, 2015

THE HideOut, at Kirkwood Wedding, Northern California Wedding Photographer

Kathleen and Anthony married at the beautiful HideOut property near Kirkwood in July of this year. The wildflowers were in bloom, the sun was shining and while things of course ran late (they always do on wedding day!) it could not have turned out more perfect! Kathleen started the day by getting dressed on the rock overlooking the lake, and followed that up with an emotional first look with her dad. Kathleen and Anthony are also my first couple to take their baby on their sunset canoe ride- whewhoo to that! :)

And off to the first look with Dad!

 He totally cried and it was wonderful!

Let's get married!

 SURPRISE! The rings were flown in by drone!

Family photos
And off to the amazing reception!

A little sunset canoe ride around the private lake is the perfect way to end the day at the HideOut!

 Family shots with Grandma!


Anonymous said...

Stay in California
We don't want the interlopers in Colorado

Emily Heizer Photography said...

I had to publish that comment only because it was so hilarious. LOL :) Happy to travel to anywhere, worldwide! Australia, Denmark, and yes, even to Colorado. GASP!