Thursday, June 30, 2016

THE HideOut Kirkwood Pink Wedding, Colleen & Sean

Colleen and Sean are a bit of a power couple. They are small business owners and super major ballers at it. Colleen is a health guru and has a wild following that I can't even really begin to fathom. They encourage, support, compete and comfort each other. Giggling and playing with each other on wedding day was super fun to watch and the amount of detail at this wedding RULED. Also their dogs. I am a sucker for dogs at weddings. Especially since my beagle is five times the normal level of mentally ill. Get ready for PINK! GLITTER! CRAZY SOCKS! DOGS CHASING DRONES! PLANTING TREES! And basically, MORE AWESOMESAUCE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE! :) They married at the end of June at THE HideOut, Kirkwood, one of my favorite venues ever! It's an amazing private home rental near Lake Tahoe and I highly recommend it!

We started the day, of course by getting Colleen dressed outside. Just about all of my brides do this. It's a great way to be one with nature, get centered, and oh year, get some freaking awesome shots. Even if it is in full sun!

First Look with Dad!

For their first marital act, they planted a tree together! How cool is that?

Yes, that's a bullet!

Next post, the reception and their awesome sunset canoe ride!

Venue: The HideOut, Near Kirkwood, California
Photography: Emily Heizer Photography
Florals: Thran's

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