Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The HideOut at Kirkwood Wedding Ceremony and First Look (Ella & Rob)

 Ella and Rob's bright and colorful wildflower wedding in the woods took place at the always wonderful Kirkwood HideOut near Lake Tahoe high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains!  We started the day with Ella's mom, bride Ella and I hiking over to an isolated part of the lake to get Ella dressed out in the great outdoors under the sparkly sunshine! We hiked all the way back, did some touch ups and then Ella met Rob for their First Look.

I always try to give a little pep talk to everyone before a First Look. I don't want it to be just about photos. And it isn't really. The idea behind a First Look is that it extends the ceremony from just the large, public ceremony that you have with your family and friends, and the formalities that accompany that ceremony, and allow for a more informal, private and emotional ceremony for just the couple. Rather than being restrained when you first see your beloved on your wedding day, you can react in whatever way feels natural to you. You can exclaim, cry, hug, kiss, or jump up and down with glee! I try to shoot as far back as possible so the words you say to each other are truly private and sacred. These are the first moments of your marriage. It's just the two of you in this moment. You, nature and any higher power if you have one. Say what you want, hold each other how you need to. This is about you! At the end of the day, this is an awesome day celebrating commitment. So often weddings become about serving others: family, friends, vendors and many other things. Serving our childhood dreams and expectations about how things are supposed to be. But really it's just about you two. Holding hands. In a little path, in a beautiful place, hugging and holding each other and remembering all of the moments that led you up to that moment.

And off to their outdoor ceremony on the same property!

Photography by Emily Heizer Photography:
Venue at The HideOut at Kirkwood:
Catering by Beth Sogaard and Amador Vintage Market:

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